Our History

Unwavering Commitment & Ongoing Hard Work

While some rags-to-riches stories are rooted in good fortune, most are the result of unwavering commitment and ongoing hard work. The story of Lilly’s Fresh Pasta is no exception.

Lilly and Giovanni D’Alelio ran a graphic design studio in Genoa from 1974 to 1978, which set the stage for their culinary journey. The studio subscribed to many American magazines, and Lilly was quick to notice a rise in articles featuring pasta.

Previously portrayed as a quick and budget-friendly meal, pasta was now being positioned as an elegant and attractive dish. Lilly also noticed that health professionals were beginning to support its nutrition value.

This sparked Lilly to turn her passion for cooking into a career abroad. Her husband Giovanni was skeptical at first, but her persistence eventually swayed him.

The D’Alelios arrived in the US with three small children and a mere $200, but their dreams were much bigger than the holes in their pockets. Giovanni found factory work and Lilly sewed skirts in her home to support themselves while searching for a workspace.

Finally, in April 1986, Lilly’s Gastronomia Italiana opened its doors in Everett, Massachusetts.

The D’Alelios were overwhelmed by the favorable response that their pasta immediately received. Chefs, four-start hotels, and small ethnic restaurants were eager to incorporate the pasta into their menus.

Through offering personalized service, a variety of options, and collaboration with chefs for specialty dishes, Lilly’s Fresh Pasta quickly hopped on the steady pathway to success.

Although Giovanni passed away in 1991, Lilly, her son Antonio (AKA “The Pastaman”), and her staff have grown into one of the finest and best-known pasta manufacturers in the greater Boston area.

Italians have a saying, “Tra il dire e il fare c’e di mezzo il mare”: meaning that there is an ocean difference between saying something and actually doing it.

Needless to say, the D’Alelio’s have crossed that ocean in more ways than one.

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