Passion for Fresh

“Family Feel”

The “family feel” is important to us, and we strive to evoke that nostalgic taste in every forkful. Steering away from mass production, our pasta is consistently frozen fresh and never pre-cooked. Additionally, our filled products contains only fresh, personally cleaned, cooked vegetables.

Our fresh pasta is made from 100% Semolina flour shipped from the North Dakota flour mills, known for producing the best flour in the country. Semolina is a delicious, all-natural grain that contains less than .05% gluten, making it easy to digest and unparalleled in flavor. We turn this nutritious flour into fresh gourmet pasta with the simple addition of grade A eggs and filtered water. After 32 years of business, we still refuse to cheapen our pasta with lesser-quality filler flours or preservatives of any kind.

To us, fresh is more than just a promise –

it’s our passion.

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