Shrimp, Scallop, and Grand Marnier Ravioli with a Bacon Orange Marmalade Sauce

shrimp and scallop seafood ravioli

A luxurious, celebratory preparation with notes of orange and savory sweetness.


  • 4 Shrimp, Scallop, and Grand Marnier Ravioli (#05088)
  • ~3 oz. bacon, diced
  • ~3 tbsp. diced onion
  • ~1/3 cup Southern Comfort or peach brandy
  • ~6 oz. orange juice
  • ~3 oz. chicken stock
  • ~1 1/2 oz. orange marmalade
  • Freeze-dried corn and frisée for garnish

How to Make It

  1. Boil ravioli for about 4 minutes
  2. In a skillet, render bacon over medium heat
  3. Add onion and cook until translucent
  4. Deglaze pan with Southern Comfort or brandy
  5. Add orange juice, chicken stock, and marmalade
  6. Reduce by half; salt to taste
  7. Toss ravioli with sauce and plate
  8. Garnish with freeze-dried corn and frisée



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