When making anything from scratch, your ingredient choices matter.

While this doesn’t necessarily equate to “the more expensive the better,” it’s important to select fresh, high-quality items for your recipes. The good news? Homemade pasta requires only a few key ingredients – flour, salt, egg, and water. However, here are a few things to remember:

Keep it fresh

Most pasta recipes require eggs, but any old eggs won’t do. Fresh eggs are your best bet for high-quality flavor. Flattish yolks and watery whites can affect texture of your pasta dough and make it difficult to thread it. However, if you’re seeking extra flavor and silkier pasta, use more yolks. Professional chefs suggest adding three yolks for every egg white. Remember to always use eggs at room temperature!

Use quality flour.

The type of flour can make a world of difference in your pasta. Stick to high-protein “00” flour, all-purpose flour, or semolina flour. You can also mix two types of flour, such as “00” and semolina for extra-silky pasta.