“Always fresh, never precooked since 1986”

These words have been our motto for decades, and it won’t be changing any time soon. Unlike most wholesale pasta manufacturers, we never precook or par-boil our products; we sell our pasta fresh or blast-frozen at the peak of freshness.

The difference in cook time is minimal, but the difference in flavor and texture is enormous – our fresh pasta is truly the closest you can serve to homemade pasta without rolling out the dough yourself. You’ll taste the difference, and your customers will too.

Fresh pasta is also a better value than precooked pasta. When you cook fresh pasta, it absorbs moisture and yields 30-50% more servings per pound than precooked pasta.

Finally, fresh pasta is more durable than precooked pasta. You can expect better hold times and less breakage, which means fewer lost orders and wasted product. This also means we can stuff our ravioli with much more of the good stuff, without worrying about them breaking or bursting.

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Clean Ingredients

At Lilly’s, we are committed to delivering the highest-quality products to our loyal customers – and our carefully chosen ingredients reflect that. Our simple yet successful recipe consists of semolina, grade A eggs, and filtered water.

Semolina is a traditional, non-GMO flour that’s low in gluten, making it both easy to digest and unparalleled in flavor.  We source our semolina from North Dakota, known for producing the best flour in the country, and we never use cheap flours or fillers. Eating our pasta leaves you satisfied, not sluggish.

Our ravioli fillings are made from scratch – we chop and cook our meat and vegetables in our own kitchen. You’ll taste whole, premium ingredients like imported cheeses, Angus beef, and North Atlantic lobster – no preservatives, no shortcuts.

Traditional Texture

Unlike many manufacturers, we use front-to-back bronze dies that are traditional in Italian pasta making. This process makes our pasta more porous and gives it a distinctly hearty and “spongey” texture. Not only does it taste more like true homemade pasta, but it absorbs sauces and flavors better to make every pasta dish taste that much more extraordinary.

Fresh pasta isn't just a promise - it's our passion.

Experience the taste of 32 years of traditional pasta expertise. Try a free sample today!

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