Filled Pasta

Containing only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, our filled pasta is packed with unparalleled flavor. Unlike other manufacturers, we use a piston-driving mechanism to guarantee a perfectly filled-to-the-brink ravioli every time – with no extra air or empty shells. We wrap our filled pastas in our signature fresh egg pasta, and our gnocchi are made with real whole potatoes.


Made with real whole Yukon goldens and durum flour for potato-packed perfection.


We boast the widest variety in wholesale pasta! From classic cheese to unique seasonal offerings, we have a ravioli option for you.

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Tortellini, Tortelloni, + Tortellacci

Ring-shaped stuffed pasta, from tiny to jumbo.


Filled egg pasta “beggars’ purses” that make for menu standouts.

Casoncelli (NEW!)

A unique and traditional Italian filled pasta shape: petite, artisanal envelopes with a folded edge.

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