Praise from our Pasta Fans

What’s the point of cooking delicious food if not to have others enjoy it? Check out what our loyal customers have to say:

We especially love your “sachetto” pasta made with pear and marscapone cheese!

Concetta Caporusso

In my 20 years of working in the F&B industry I can honestly say that I have not come across another product on the market that compares to the quality and consistency of Lilly’s pasta. From their willing knowledgeable sales team, to the ease in which sampling product is, the company is unmatched by none.

Kurtis J.
Chef Jay Village Inn

Josef Reilly came by yesterday to show me some quick and easy applications that I can achieve while working your pastas into my menu. He was very excited about what he was doing and his passion for the quality of your product was both infectious and inspiring. I thank you for your commitment to quality, and for creating a product that I am proud to offer in my establishment.

Paula P.
Chef/Owner The Sharon Tavern

Just learned of Lilly’s. Great products and they are leaps and bounds over most of the food service products out there. Thank you Rebecca Dubois for all your help with these products.

My family has owned Tony Boffa’s Restaurant in Middletown N.Y. since 1951. Needless to say we have seen and used thousands of products over the years. As an owner/chef I am constantly looking for better and higher quality products to serve in my restaurant. Lilly’s fresh line of pastas are second to none. The quality, consistency, and customer service of their product line fit exactly what we strive for at my establishment.

Antonio B. Jr.
Chef/Owner Tony Boffa's Restaurant

The only pasta we offer! They are awesome!

It reminded me of my grandma’s pasta. Simple, honest, unembellished. I had been overthinking my menu for our restaurant. I was misguided with the thought that the sauce needed to be the star of the show. Lilly’s pasta exceeded my expectations and reminded me that it doesn’t need to be complicated or elaborate. Just delicious and genuine.

Chelsea L.
Owner Speidielicious

Lilly’s is consistently amazing pasta. I love being able to proudly tell the story of where our pasta comes from and the family history behind the company. On multiple occasions Antonio and Brian have helped us create filled pastas unique to our restaurants. The raviolis are always stuffed with real ingredients, not just a filling! The lobster ravioli is truly spectacular!

Adam H.
Owner Depot Street Tavern

Had your amazing 5 cheese ravioli tonight and the porcini mushroom ravioli too! SO so so so so good!!!

Ulli Eisermann

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