Cooking fresh pasta can seem intimidating at first, but we’re here to help ease the process. Here are some pointers from the pros:

Use a large pot

You may not give much thought to the size of your pasta pot, but it’s an important factor! The pasta should be swimming in a “sea” of water, because it will expand during the cooking process. If not enough is used, you’ll run the risk of the pasta getting mushy and sticky.

Kneading is key

Once your dough is mixed, it’s time to knead it up! The dough should be kneaded for about 10 minutes in order to ensure the smoothest texture.

…But don’t let it dry

Once your dough is kneaded smooth, separate it into a few small balls. Be sure to work quickly – dry dough is much more difficult to work into the machine.

Rinsing is a no-no

If you rinse your pasta after cooking, you will also rinse off the starch. The starch helps the sauce cling to the pasta, so it’s critical that it stays put!

Remember the ingredient ratio

Here’s a general rule: The best ratio is three parts flour to two parts eggs by weight. This can vary depending on outside factors and your specific recipe, but this basic ratio is a good one to trust.

Make it a team effort!

The pasta-making process can go a lot quicker if you rally some assistance! Try recruiting a family member to roll the dough – as it typically takes two to roll the pasta through the machine. It’s helpful to have one person holding the top of the dough sheet, and another to grab it as it comes out.