Lilly’s Fresh Pasta and Sauce Meal Kits

Introducing the easiest way yet for your customers to enjoy Lilly’s: Fresh Pasta + Sauce Meal kits!

Each kit contains one family-sized bag of our most crowd-pleasing pastas and one bag of prepared sauce; simply thaw, cook, toss, and serve.

Perfect for:

  • Restaurants: Save time and labor while serving dishes that are flawlessly executed each and every time. Fresh pasta has better stress retention than precooked pasta, which means it’s perfect for carryout and delivery.
  • Retail / Grocery: Excellent addition to the frozen or grab-and-go section! With more meals being cooked and eaten at home than ever, meal kits are an appealing choice for busy families and home chefs alike. Each kit serves a family of 4 or more, and leftovers are easy to keep.

Available in 3 SKUs:
#03060 Ricotta Ravioli with Tomato Basil Sauce
#03077 Fresh Ziti with Bolognese Meat Sauce
#03084 Tortellini with Shallot Butter Cream

Please contact us at 617.651.0411 or for more information, or check with your sales rep to see what’s coming into stock at your favorite distributor.