Real Ingredients

Delivering the Highest-Quality Products

At Lilly’s, we are committed to delivering the highest-quality products to our loyal customers – and our carefully chosen ingredients reflect that. Our simple yet successful recipe consists of nutritious flour, grade A eggs, and filtered water. (Yes, really – that’s it!)

Our pasta is whipped up to perfection with 100% semolina flour: a delicious, all-natural grain containing less than .05% gluten, making it easy to digest and unparalleled in flavor. With our dedication to quality in mind, we always refrain from using any lesser-quality filler flours or preservatives.

Thanks to our tried-and-true method to achieve deliciousness, there is no need to supplement our pasta with additional sources and flavor.

Lilly’s pasta serves as a flavor in itself!

    Is precooked pasta costing you dough?

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