Takeout/Delivery Tips for Restaurants: How to Deliver Perfect Pasta

Some balk at the idea of delivering pasta because they fear it becoming too “mushy” or losing flavor; however, it’s easy to keep your pasta dishes tasting their best with just a few adjustments in how you prep.

Here’s how to deliver pasta perfection:

Step 1: Undercook (slightly)

In order to avoid the mush factor, cook pasta about 70% of the way. The pasta will soften slightly in “bite” as it sits during delivery and when it is reheated, so you’re aiming for just short of al dente.

Step 2: Sauce lightly (and add more liquid)

Speaking of to-go ramekins: some grated cheese provided on the side is a nice touch your customers will appreciate!

Your sauce should be about 20% more liquified than usual since it will thicken from sitting at a cooler temperature and soaking up starch from the pasta. A bit of extra fat (oil, butter, lard, etc.) added to the sauce can help, too.

Sauce the pasta more lightly than usual, and provide more sauce on the side in a to-go ramekin or container with instructions to add and toss before heating/eating.

Step 3: Consider your containers carefully

Do consider using micro-wave safe containers, especially as more customers opt for takeout and delivery for an entire meal. They may cost a few extra pennies, but the convenience of being able to go straight into the microwave is invaluable to a customer’s overall experience. Especially at times like these, every little bit of comfort we can offer one another is worth it.

Whatever containers you choose to provide, pay extra attention that they are leak-proof and sealed properly.

Start with the right pasta: fresh is best

View our catalog of fresh and fresh-frozen pasta products, or give it a taste in your kitchen.

Raw, fresh (or fresh-frozen) pasta is better suited to takeout and delivery than precooked pasta. It gives you much more control over how al dente you serve it, and it retains its hearty “bite” long after being packed and reheated.