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A special 2020 message from Lilly’s

We have kept our doors open and our heads high, always trying to stay positive, but we’ll admit that 2020 nearly kicked our you-know-whats just like everyone else. Taking a look back at the year, we’re focusing on the positive. We grew stronger as a team. We invested in ourselves. We dug down to the […]

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Storing and Cooking Fresh Frozen Pasta

We’re not all lucky enough to live next door to Mama Lilly, so over the years, we’ve developed the perfect way to share her artisanal fresh pasta with the world without sacrificing quality: distributing it frozen at the peak of freshness! Buying pasta for your restaurant fresh-frozen has amazing benefits. Fresh-frozen pasta has a longer […]

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To say the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to the food service industry would be the understatement of the century. There’s the massive shift to takeout/off-premise, new rules and regulations to navigate, and instabilities in staffing and inventory that turn day-to-day management into a brave new undertaking each time a new shift begins. Not to […]

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Takeout/Delivery Tips for Restaurants: How to Deliver Perfect Pasta Some balk at the idea of delivering pasta because they fear it becoming too “mushy” or losing flavor; however, it’s easy to keep your pasta dishes tasting their best with just a few adjustments in how you prep. Here’s how to deliver pasta perfection: Step 1: […]